Sunday, 30 September 2012

Rajini shifts to Coimbatore permanently seeking ‘peace of mind’?

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Poes Garden in Chennai has become synonymous with the names its two high-profile residents who have been there for more than two decades now. Amma, the chief minister of the State and superstar Rajinikanth is the duo who we’re talking about. While the entry to the former’s residence is strictly restricted in view of her security threat, fans of Rajini are free to meet and talk to him whenever he is in the city.

     Reports emanating from Rajini’s household indicate that Rajini might soon have a ‘change of address’ as he is planning to ‘shift’ to Anaikatti near Coimbatore where he is said to be building a palatial house. While news about Rajini’s decision to stay in Coimbatore has warmed the city’s denizens, it has left Rajini’s fans living in and around Chennai heart-broken and shaken. They simply can’t visualize the eventuality that Rajini may not be in Chennai anymore.
The reports quoted the recent ‘disturbing’ occurrences in the superstar’s family and had claimed that Rajini might soon leave for Himalayas to stay in peace away from all the ‘worldly’ pressures. Kumudam, a popular regional weekly, has carried a news item in its latest issue stating that a bungalow is coming up near the Swami Dayananda Saraswati Ashram at Anaikatti in Coimbatore for Rajini to move in permanently.
It was further pointed out in the news item that Rajini was ‘fed up’ with the problems aplenty emanating due to his daughters and apparently wants to ‘stay’ at Anaikatti for some time by which the issues are expected to die down or get resolved. The construction of the house, which started late last year on Rajini’s instructions, is about to be completed soon.
Though the Ashram’s residents aren’t revealing anything about the house, those in the neighbourhood have sniffed it and are identifying the new house as ‘Rajini’s house’ (Rajini Veedu in Tamil). Excited fans of the superstar living in and around Coimbatore are paying a visit to Anaikatty to have a glimpse of the house of their matinee idol!

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