Sunday, 27 July 2014

Life as an Engineering Student..... Dreaming huge....

Bla bla bla... have heard so much about the dreams the struggles of many engineering guys out there.. Its not that easy to be a engineer as you all guys non-engineers think off.. me myself an engineering student from the a university were lakhs of students fall. Here is how their life starts.
                                                                             Its their Daddy's OMG who make them to join 3 to 4 tuition's during their 11th and 12th waking up 3.30 am in the mid night not early morning you shits.. when they reach there, there comes the midnight test in the tuition which was useless and the results of the previous test will be shown immediately after today's test ... here come the fun part those who fail in that are asked to stay out side the tuition that is they provide a special area for those special guys like us and are made to write those test questions with answer 15 times while the tuition goes on inside, we keep on writing.. so it was like waking up early in the morning for assignment training.....LOL
                          Finally came the public exam results... To be continued