Friday, 14 November 2014

Tips to get pass mark in Anna university semester examinations :

                Hi and hello poor innocent guys over there .... This is me one of the Engineering student under so called Anna university as like you guys..

                    I finished my degree without any history of arrear that means no arrear in each semester pulse I got placed in the campus itself so here I am to share my success tips to over come the Anna university semester exams..

                      Look guys Anna university is the easiest and simple place where one can get pass with little effect and smart work. The first and the for most likely important thing to do is please for God sake keep your internal make up to 14 because it help you to get through. Don't worry if you don't have much, 10 is more than enough. I cleared all semester with internals 10.

                        For 16 mark questions please refer the previous year questions.
Study only those that repeat. Two 16 mark question from each unit will make.

                        For 2 marks read only those that are in the question bank book. This will make. Please don't ignore 2 mark question from reading this is so needed if you wish to get passed.

                          Then the last thing, just fu*k the seat and sit for the exam let the fate decide......