Monday, 20 May 2013

Software Engineering-Sem 4-Unit wise important questions-Anna University

1.   Explain in detail about the Process Iteration.
2.   Explain in detail about the software life cycle model with various phases
3.   Explain in Detail About the RAD model  and incremental model
4.   Explain in detail about the Component based Software Engineering

Unit II
1.   Explain in detail about the Software Prototyping? Explain the various techniques used in Software Prototyping
2.   What is data modeling? Draw the ER diagram and  Identify the data objects with attributes used in Employee Information systems.
3.   Describe the structure of software requirements specification documents explaining clearly the standards to be followed
4.   Explain Requirement Engineering process in detail

Unit III
1.   Explain cohesion and coupling in with necessary diagrams.
2.   Explain in detail the design concepts.
3.   Explain the design steps of the transform mapping
4.   How you do some effective modular design List out the design heuristics

Unit IV
1.   Explain in detail about system testing
2.   Explain the various types of black-box testing methods.
3.   Explain in detail about the different integration testing approaches
4.   Write a procedure to find the sum of Fibonacci series up to N. find cyclomatic complexity.  Derive all possible test cases.

Unit V
1.   What are the tasks in SCM process? Explain each of them in detail
2.   Write notes on ISO 9000 quality standards
3.   What are direct and indirect measures? Explain size-oriented metrics in detail.
4.   Explain in detail about the process improvement
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