Wednesday, 19 December 2012

Lady Gaga shocked the audience with shocking trick....

Lady Gaga has publicly confessed love for drugs.....

During the concert in the capital of the Netherlands is Amsterdam, the city where the light drugs legalized, Lady Gaga shocked the audience with shocking trick. It's from the scene admitted that virtually stopped drinking alcohol, replacing it with marijuana. Lady Gaga was happy to discover that the use of cannabinoids, it turns out, has a positive effect on the quality of her music. «I'm happy to announce that completely changed my life. I totally gave up alcohol, and it helped my music to a new level» - said Gaga. It seems to me to be a bit deeper each inhale, ambiguously joked pop diva and marijuana cigarette smokes its right on the stage.
Well, Lady Gaga is not the first and not the last star of the music scene, priznaûŝaâsâ that drugs affect her creativity. However, it is one of the few celebrities who believe that this impact is positive. Argue it could lead singer Jim Morrison of The Doors, and River Phoenix, actor and musician, if only not dead from an overdose.
The latest bright star Western pop scene, not hiding, was singer Amy Winehouse, who died on July 23, 2011 year. The impact of drugs on creativity is certainly talented Amy Winehouse said everyone who had seen the cancellation of the concerts and studio recordings of disruption because of addictions. But the sad experience of Amy Winehouse are unlikely to confuse Lady Gaga: pop diva has repeatedly recognized in love to her and called her an example to follow.
However, the statement made by Lady Gaga loud and somewhat shocking confession in the regular use of marijuana may prove to be the only way to attract attention and to support image terrible, anfan diligently created a star. This is especially true on the eve of the release of her new album «Artpop» media and frequent accusations of Madonna.

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